Red Dot Design Museum

It's a competition project that I designed with four colleagues when I worked in an architecture company. This project is to rebuild a deprecated airport terminal of Xiamen for the third Red Dot Design Award museum worldwide. We proposed it as a “Design Terminal” inspired by its unique location. We won the bid finally. This project was also nominated by American Institution of Architects Shanghai Chapter in 2018 as the "heritage architecture".
After the architectural design, I'm thinking of conveying our design principles in a digital platform and designing holistic digital service for visitors.

Desk Research

(The stakeholder map)

(The encounter map)

User Research

Demographic data

(The operation time and user types)

Target users and their touring habits

(Different spaces' usage for different visitors)

The Service Blueprint
Hightlight 1: Virtual tour suggestion

(Museum plans)

Karen, an architecture student in Xiamen University, age 23.Karen enjoys a museum tour alone on weekends. She has plenty of time to explore the beauty of arts. So she would prefer a tour suggestion theme-by-theme. It would be a great way for her to explore every detailed design in the museum step by step. After all, she doesn’t want to miss anything.

Amy, a working mother with a 5-year-old son, age 35.
Amy always organizes a family tour on weekends.  One of her favorite place to go is museum. She would prefer a suggestion based on time. A 2-day-tour would be perfect for her family to explore the highly recommended part of the museum. A more popular touring plan would suit for her situation.

Hightlight 2: interactive devices
The structure

(The structure chart)

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(The user flow: before the tour)

(The user flow: after the tour)

The Interface

(The interface)