It is a 2D Adventure game with horror and puzzle-solving elements. The player controls a little girl who is stranded in a haunted school. In order to scare off the monsters who are lurking around the building, the player must control the girl to navigate through the building to turn on all the lights. In particular, some places can only be reached when she closes her eyes.

Time Period: 2 weeks
Game Genre: 2D Adventure
Platform: PC
Player: 1
Designer: Leili Shen
Programmer: Haotian Lu, Yifan Zhang
Character Artist: Fatyma Camacho
Sound Designer: Haotian Lu, Yifan Zhang
Unity / C#
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
My Role

• Led environment design.
• Co-design game levels, including setting obstacles and designing environmental cues that draw players’ focus and imply the puzzle solving method.

Project Details

(The spatial concept of game levels)

Game Mechanics
Move: Press W/S, the girl will move vertically. Press A/D, the girl will move horizontally.
Interact: By pressing E, players can turn on/off lights, open/close doors, and open/close shelters, etc.
Sprint: By pressing shift, the girl can sprint. Her ability to sprint is determined by her stamina level.
Blink: By pressing left mouse button, the girl will blink, which relieves her eyestrain.
The Economy System
Eyestrain: The girl's eyestrain points decrease with time goes by. She can blink to recover, or close her eyes passively once the point goes to zero. Passive recovery takes more time.
Heart beat: Indicate the distance between the girl and the monster. The closer the monster gets, the faster the girl's heart beats.
Sanity: The faster heart beat, the lower the sanity point. The sanity point will increase when the girl blinks.
Stamina: The girl can't run if the stamina point goes to zero. The higher sanity level, the higher stamina level.
Light: The wining condition in this game is to turn on a certain amount of lights.
There are different kinds of lights.
· Toplight - the whole room's lights are controlled a single switch.
· Desk lamp - every lamp has individual switch, the player can only turn on the lamp one by one.
To balance the economy system, the monster will turn off certain amount of lights in certain time.
Game Elements

(Decorative paintings that indicate the horrible atmosphere and puzzle-solving methed)

(The broken furnitures)

(The broken window and glasses)

(1-2: Lockers closed and open status. The girl can shelter in it. 3-5: broken lockers)

(The abandoned locker room with some functional lockers)

(The bloody room with broken furnitures and windows)

(A bridge that can only be seen when the girl close her eyes. I use the black-and-white style to make a distinction with the real world.)

The playtest

(Prof. Elin Carstensdottir was playtesing <Luz >while Prof. Michael John is observing.)


In this two-week project, we focused more on the implementation of core mechanics and concept. If we have more time, we would design affordance, guidance, and iterate the UI system to build a more seamless experience for players, specifically:
1. Design tutorial level, teach players the core mechanics.
2. Playtest and interview players. Gather feedback to iterate the UI system.